Poker Related Sites we like and why we like them

Home Poker Tourney (
Advice on how to host and run a no-limit Texas Hold'em poker tournament in your home. Detailed information on running your home game, structures, rules and more. This site is a great resource.

Paul Wasicka’s blog (
Paul analyzes various hands from the tournaments he plays in. Easy to read and insightful.

Two plus Two publishing (
Publishers of the great books on poker. Monthly online magazine is a good read. The 2+2 Forums are popular and generally intelligent.

Poker Penguin (
This is one of the most interesting poker sites I have seen in a long time.  It is run by regular guys who love poker and the site is full of articles about their experiences.  Sometimes they are about situations that they faced  in games, the mistakes they made, what they learned, sometimes they comment on books, poker news, tournament strategy and many other poker topics. All in all it is intelligent commentary on what us regular guys run in to while trying to become a better poker player. Well worth checking it out.

Andy Bloch's Site (
Great poker player but probably best know for his great black jack dvd - a must buy before hitting the casino.

Poker.Com (
What a great domain name - known as ‘The home of online poker’ . Site contains some interesting articles, poker news and other good general poker info. ( is an online poker guide with a huge poker directory, reviews on all poker rooms, top lists of best poker games and poker rules etc.

Poker directory (
Largest human edited poker directory with links to over 1050 poker sites.

Online Poker Tools, Poker Calculator, Trackers (
This site has a bunch of online poker tools as the name suggests, including a poker calculator, poker tracker - all of which can help you play Texas Holdem better.

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