DIYPT Tournament Trainer Game

Many DIY Poker Tour users enjoy a friendly but competitive home game but also want to:

  • Introduce new players to the poker and educate them
  • Improve their own poker skills through shared learning
  • Graduate to playing poker tournaments with fields for hundreds at local casinos.

Our Tournament trainer game is a fun way to do all three. Playing in your local game can get you ready to conquer larger tournaments but it does not simulate that vast majority of what you will experience at such tournaments. At your home game if you have 20 players you will quickly find yourself at a table 9,8,7,6 etc which is not typical of major tournaments where you will be at a full table the majority of the time. This is where the DIYPT Tournament Trainer Game comes in. Our system serves to turn a regular home game in to a powerful and fun training tool, exposing player to all types of styles of play and maintaining a full table of players.

Introducing new inexperienced players to your home game can be intimidating for them, the training game give you a good way to let then learn, ask questions and try different playing styles all while sitting at a full table. After a couple of games they will be ready to join your home poker tour.

To get started simply download the PDF and print it.

Download the PDF here